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Queen Of Hearts

Queen Of Hearts is inspired in part by Lewis Carroll’s “Alice In Wonderland”, Walt Disney’s “Alice In Wonderland” and research into Marie Antoinette and was designed for the Fashion Doll Makeovers Yahoo Group Doll Swap and went to Colleen Malmquist.

Queen Of Hearts is formerly a Reproduction Barbie doll and has a breathtaking complete facial repainting using the finest in Acrylic Paints and Professional Sealers available. Hand rooted eyelashes and a full head of White hair both of which used Synthetic hair, 100 % original patterns, and Haute Couture sewing techniques finishes the entire look.

This One Of A Kind creation features a non-removable luxurious 1700 inspired pannier gown made of the finest chintz material available and is trimmed in Imported Italian Lace. The Imported Italian Lace is then trimmed in hundreds of Red and Pink Czech Glass Seed Beads, 15 Silk Ribbon Roses and 32 Faux Pearls accent the pannier as well.

The Queen of Hearts underskirt is Chinese Satin and has intricately hand embroidered diamond shaped latticework, which uses 75 more faux Pearls and 79 Faceted Sequins, and each has a Czech Glass Seed Bead center. Hand made Metallic Thread Tassels adorn the center of the underskirt while the fully lined bodice uses the same Chintz, Imported Italian Lace, Satin Ribbon and Satin Ribbon Roses. Also incorporated is a partial French Tulle underskirt to keep the pannier full and voluminous. The sleeves to the bodice are trimmed in Antique English Laces and matching Silk Ribbon Roses. Her Staff is made from a drinking straw so she can hold it and is covered in Floral Tape and is then adorned with matching Silk Ribbon Roses, a Silk ribbon bow and Antique Austrian Crystal bead and a 14 carat Gold Heart.


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