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Hollywood Starlet: Terri Novak has had an amazing year with the runaway success of her latest electrifying horror movie “The Places that Scare You” starring Harrison Ford, Ben Kingsley and our very own Terri Novak. The story takes place in upstate Maine and involves a psycho killer who in the course of four months kills eleven people, all of whom have been brutally butchered apart. It is up to Terri Novak’s character Alice Hamilton to solve the gruesome murders, before she becomes the next victim. Filled with cliff hanging suspense bone tingling horror, graphic special effects and sheer insanity “The Places that Scare You” will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The Places that Scare You” has been nominated for eight academy Awards which include: Best Actress (our very own Terri Novak), Best Screenplay, Best Special Effects, Best Wardrobe, Best Musical Score, Best Director and Best Actor (for Harrison Ford). Please join Terri tonight on the red carpet on her way to the 2003 Academy Awards, let’s all hope she wins.

Holly wood Starlet Terri Novak, a One of A Kind Creation has had a full facial repaint using the finest in Acrylic Paints and Professional sealers. Terri’s eye color is a Light Blue with a hint of Deep Blue while her striking lip color is Metallic Rose that was especially mixed just for this doll as well as her special blended eye shadow color. Hand rooted eyelashes using Synthetic hair, 100 % original patterns, Haute Couture sewing techniques and a clean understated hairstyle finish the entire look.

Terri Novak wears an elaborately embellished sheath dress which is made out of Black Oriental Silk with two layers of Red Fine Tulle which is then overlaid with hundreds of Black, Gold and Red Czech Glass Seed Beads, and hundreds of Red, Black and Gold Faceted Sequins all painstakingly hand sewn into place. Terri Novak’s opulent gown is also fully lined in Black Oriental Silk and is non-removable. Joining this incredible dress is an extravagant Peyote Beaded Shawl, which is sewn to the doll and is made entirely out of Japanese Glass E Beads and Gold Czech Glass Seed Beads and is finished with hand made Gold Thread.

Hollywood Starlet: Terri Novak is only available at the “A Celebration Of Fashion Dolls: International Fashion Doll Convention 2003” in Dallas Texas as she is a centerpiece doll. Hollywood Starlet: Terri Novak comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity, hand painted shoes, doll stand, delightful artists box, and paper sash.


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