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American Spirit

American Spirit -- Our lives as Americans and as a people were forever altered that fateful morning of September 11, 2001 when terrorism killed thousands of innocent lives in New York City, Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania. Changing the course of human history forever. When the Artists of OOAKs decided to do a Charity Auction to benefit the families of the victims of the World Trade Center in New York City, I felt this doll summed up for me all my emotions and thoughts.

The American Spirit 11th, 2001, is wearing an original pattern and is made out of Chinese Satin at the base of this form fitting sheath dress, which is permanently sewn on the doll. The dress is then adorned with hundreds and hundreds of red, clear and blue Czech Glass Seed Beads and red, iridescent and blue faceted sequins all of which have been individually hand sewn. Adorning the top of her gown in the field of blue are several star shaped sequins thus giving the illusion that the gown was made out of the American Flag. The base of the gown has a hand gathered Organza wired ribbon, which is decorated with the Stars and Strips. This Organza wired ribbon also was used for the wrap around her shoulders.

The American Spirit has had a fully repainted face using the finest in Acrylic Paints and sealers available. A beauty mark and a single teardrop have also been added and professionally sealed to bring this doll into what the artist believes to be the true emotions of all persons worldwide after this catastrophe. She holds in her hand a white dove symbolically for peace. The dove is both sewn and glued to the dolls hand.

The American Spirit air is all-original and had been parted in the front and turned into a barrel curl up-do which has been glued into place thus keeping its shape eternally. The American Spirit was sold on E-bay in late September 2001 and came with a Certificate of Authenticity, artist box, and all accessories.


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